Polymer System units

We offer a wide range of polymer mixing and dosing equipment in various setups. We design and manufacture powder polymer units which efficiently dissolves powder polymer with water into a homogeneous solution. Our unique vertical resolution technology has continuous mixing as opposite to the conventional batch mixing.
Our vertical resolution technology enables a single tank solution instead of two separate tanks, in comparison our footprint is heavily reduced without compromising the quality of the resolution. Our single tank design differs to the double tank setup whereas we execute the mixing in the top third section as in a mixing tank, the mid-section operates as retention tank and the lower third section is the mature resolution storage and feed tank.
We provide maximum homogeneous solution with a single tank solution!

PSL units with capacity from 30 -50 kg/h

PSL 12000
PSL 25000

PSM units with capacity from 6 – 16 kg/h

PSM 2000
PSM 4000
PSM 6000

PSS-L units with capacity starting from 10 kg/h and above

PSS-L 300
PSS-L 500
PSS-L 1000

PSS-P units with capacity starting from 10 kg/h and above

PSS-P 300
PSS-P 500
PSS-P 1000

Polymer System units